Making a late entrance into Blogtown!

I want to first apologize to all of the fans of the Detroit Tiger World for making my first entry on March 18th, 2008 when there has been plenty of baseball going on for the last month to write loads on. I was having a little problem with the internet in my apartment, but, I will surely not be a†disappointment†for I have tons to tell you about my first big league camp.†

Walking into the big league clubhouse in good old†Tiger-Town, Located in lovely Lakeland, Florida, I encountered a problem, I couldn’t find my locker. The clubby and I were looking for my locker for a little while, there were a lot around and I was looking in the places where I thought my locker would be, and by the time I found my locker I was a little surprised at it’s location. I had hall of famers to my left, future hall of famers to my right, and I was seated right in front of Jim†Leyland’s†office. You would look up at the names in the row of lockers and see Guillen, Ordonez, Cabrera, Sheffield, and Wells. You can say that I went into camp as a sponge absorbing the wealth of baseball knowledge that these great players were dishing out.†
When everyone arrived at camp and it was time to get to work I was surprised how welcoming and down to earth these guys were. Growing up in upstate New York I was a Yankees fan. You here stories, mainly through media, about how some of these guys are, for example Gary Sheffield. Having my locker next to him was a pretty cool thing for me, and the thing that made it even cooler was that he was a great all around guy and made me feel comfortable and welcomed everyday he’d show up to the park. The way he had been portrayed through the media was how I thought of Sheff but the way he treated me and acted towards me changed that perception totally.†
By the time we got through most of the fielding work and batting practices and live batting practices, which is hitting off of pitchers while you are in a batting cage and they are throwing near 100 percent, it was game time. Lots of our players would be absent from a majority of spring training due to the World Baseball Classic. I believe we had 6 players who participated in the games and 5 of which are still playing, and those 5 are actually playing tonight at 7 on ESPN so it’s safe to say that either 4 will becoming back shortly to the Tigers from the†Venezuela†team or Curtis will be back from USA, for my sake I hope that 4 come back, probably because†I’m†not from†Venezuelan†heritage but an american citizen. But wish them both the best of luck. The Tigers held their own in spring training and it was good to have alot of the younger guys, such as myself, get an opportunity to play at the big league level, with everyone gone. I was hampered with a slight arm problem which I encountered diving for a ball at Dunedin against the Jays our second game of the spring and it kept me out of the action more then I would have liked to have been. I got some limited time and learned alot from playing in those games, mostly mentally. Having recently being sent back across the street, which translates to being sent to the minors in Tiger-Town lingo, I reflected on my experience and it was a tremendous experience. Sometimes it almost felt like too much to take in being around all of these names but you tell yourself that there is a reason why your are there and let the pieces of the major league puzzle fall into their place in due time. The experience got me a little taste of the big leagues and more importantly got me comfortable with the teammates that hopefully will be mine at some point in the future, but again, that puzzle has got to be put together first.†
Again you tiger fans who have been trying to get my current address so you can come down to Lakeland and do some damage on my face for not putting a blog up for you to comment on, you can take a deep breath, realize the internet is flowing with some nice http’s and htm’s and dot-com’s, so the blogs will be flowing along with it. Till we meet again I say goodbye and stay classy Tiger World.†


Casper, you are a fool. Love the humor. All I can say is the Skipper has nothing but good things to say about you. Keep doing what you are doing. I was in Lakeland Feb. 19th – 22nd and would like to thank you for stopping every day to sign. It may not seam like much to the players, but as a REAL TIGERS FAN it means a lot to have players stop to sign, from the future HOFers down to the Prospects. Good luck this season. I’m sure I’ll be seeing u again wearing the Old English D in Lakeland next spring!

I really enjoyed watching you playing this season. Thanks.


Good luck Casper. I enjoyed watching you play in West Michigan, and hope to see you in Detoit.

Hi Casper!

Keep up the good work!
Drive the ball out of the park like your dad did in A-dam. at
Mohawk Mills Park.

Tell Your Mom and Dad I said hello!

Can’t wait to see you jack one out of Angel Staduim.

Sparky Haver
Long Beach Ca.
Old teammate of your Dad.

Casper–work hard with bat speed and hit coach, talk to miggy and maggs lighten bat weight.Now, not in a month is time to dial self in with club. Mr. D. is watching. Look at Catching as poss. vocational adjustment. Don’t laugh the guys who make it to the show compete and strive. best wishes Saltydog

Casper -just got off the line with Mr. D. they really want an upgrade at catching. Are you hungry-really hungry FOR THE SHOW? GM’S LIKE HUNGRY PROSPECTS WITH CANNONS. LOOK AT BOESCH HE’S DIALING HIMSELF IN TO NICE PAYDAY.

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